Tuesday 1 January 2013

a belated announcement!

this announcement comes a little late but a few months back i finally launched a facebook page which admittedly is updated much more often than this little blog. ;]

here's the link to the facebook page >>>


i hope you'll continue to follow my updates over there too!

it's been a tough but ultimately good year with interesting work, many changes, journeys near and far as well as precious time spent with loved ones. thank you for your support, friendship and love over the years. have a blessed new year ahead!

Tuesday 13 September 2011

after watching Beginners // 20th august 2011

110820 fireworks after beginners-small

watching the character draw fireworks in the movie reminded me that i used to draw these fireworks a lot when i was younger too. we even drew them with crayons in art class and then painted black poster paint over them, creating the night. tonight's sparklers from our annual adhoc lantern adventure brought me back to this drawing again. :]

girl singing out loud on the train // 28th july 2011

110728 girlsingingoutloud

i saw and heard a girl wearing earphones singing out loud on the train yesterday. there were some premature aunties about to tsk and tut at her but i thought it was a nice moment.

i didn't want her to stop so i didn't pull out my camera but took out my notebook and drew the scene instead.

Thursday 26 May 2011

a little bit of everything // 2nd to 7th may 2011, seminyak, bali





walking around bali, we saw these banana leaf trays of flowers and little samplings of food pretty much everywhere. they are offerings made by the balinese twice a day.

i was fascinated with the variety of colours, food and flowers and the tiny portions reminded me of finger food served at cocktail receptions. it seemed to me like each square tray was a summary or a sample selection of whatever was cooking in the kitchen or fresh in the garden that day and perhaps quite telling of the family or person who had prepared that offering.

moss // 7th may 2011, ngurah rai international airport


once upon a youngerthattime, i went on a trip to bogor, indonesia, as a pseudo-scientist to learn more about mosses, lichens and liverworts. seeing these growing on a statue at the airport in bali during a recent holiday reminded me of that trip to bogor.

Friday 18 March 2011

from one little red dot to the big red dot (part two)

yan wei - ganbatte nippon poster.jpg

jiayou japan!!

from one little red dot to the big red dot




these are some drawings i did in my sketch book while preparing photographs and write-ups i am contributing to a fund raising event that my friend (and moms) chris yap is organising to bring together various artists and art forms in our community for a good cause.

i hope the sun will rise again after the waves subside. jiayou japan!

(please pardon my pirated hokusai + that japanese wave pattern i was trying to recall quite unsuccessfully...that would be my wandering mind wondering about how waves have been quite a recurring feature of their art history. i hope we will all still be able to find the ocean and its waves beautiful again someday.)