Thursday 27 March 2008

the rain after the sunshine // 24th march 2008.

big light in the sky. (somehow the word gloombloom comes to mind..)

even the guy in the tv also kenahs the rain in a moment of suspended reality.

the big light in the sky that moves.

i've always lived in the sky almost all of my life. and as long as i've had a tv, i always end up finding myself spending some time watching it reflected out there in the middle of nowhere. not sure why, but it's always been somewhat therapeutic. maybe i am a secret television addict who doesn't watch tv much otherwise.




18th march 2008
this is part of many ongoing necessary personal projects spontaneously generated to momentarily distract ourselves from work. this was inspired after a dapow dinner at the aircon place cindy calls her lao di fang where we discussed how pigeon could take photo with his favourite photocopy shop auntie.... since polaroids are running out, we decided to turn to the most old school and most black and white of all neoprint machines. come to our studio gallery and add to the project! haha.

Tuesday 25 March 2008

here comes the sun....(doo-doo-doo-dooh~)




blue skies gave way to a glorious sunset on 15th March 2008 after many days of nonstop rain and greyness. i love my roomwithaview.

but the livingroomwithaslightlackofaview is also not too shabby lah...

6:20pm, same day.

and then of course it rained for days after that lah. oh well! but it's oke. i shall be thankful for both the sunshine and the rain.