Friday 28 August 2009

fishing in the sky and flying in the lake

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august 2009, marina barrage.

august 2009, marina barrage.

june 2007, lake by a sommarhus in sweden.

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how time flies, while waiting.

风筝飞,日落下 //( 天时、地利、人和 )

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a few weeks ago, it suddenly dawned upon me that... i am currently twenty something..when i am thirty something, my parents will be seventy something.... when i am forty something, God-willing, they will be eighty something!! and i thought that my dad is so blessed that at age sixty something, he still has his mother around.

and so the next day i decided to start making it a point to mai tu liao with regards to things that we say we want to do together. and so i took them to Henderson waves cos we've been talking about going there for yonks.

and it was a wonderful impromptu morning. : ]

haha and earlier this week was part two of the new mai tu liao mantra... after finishing up some work in the morning and spending the afternoon in my childhood neighbourhood with my lindy hop ensemble friends for an AEP assembly thingie, i found the afternoon super sunny, windy and absolutely favourable for kite-flying.

and so with the kites i've been buying with much secret hope in my heart from the toy shop at tan quee lan the past few times i've been running errands in the area, i carted my parents off to marina barrage to finally go fly kite (literally) together!

after a few days of "风筝已备,只欠东风" the wind finally came accompanied with glorious sunshine!

wah i think it was the first time in my life that i've flown a kite so high up that it took almost half an hour just winding it back down when we had to leave. it was a real struggle to get the kite really flying high cos as my father pointed out to me, i had bought a kite meant for 3 year olds haha. we even had to tumpang the kite string. i think that means join it up. anyway wah sunshine, wind, kite and laughing parents.

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song boh!!