Saturday 13 June 2009






i think this must have been the first time i found a little friendlet lying on my lap to drink milk. it was so strangely calming and comforting and a real joy actually.

it reminded me of some lyrics i heard/read recently:

日子很短 只要是陪在孩子的身旁

i guess in that little pocket of time watching joash drinking milk i got a glimpse of what that might feel like. children are a blessing indeed. big joy in small packages.

i wonder how our friendlets would feel about all this facebooking and blogging and flickring and multiplying and whatnotting about them when they eventually do grow up and learn to start googling themselves. perhaps unlike us, they'd already be immune to all of this and find it perfectly natural.

photo by stanley cheong, from a time before i knew how to carry little kids.

time is flying.

i'm not sure if i'm on the same speed though. :]