Monday 22 October 2007

in lieu of my favourite magical trees.

serai lights.jpg

shot on 23rd september 2007 in lieu of my favourite magical trees which i always point out to people whom i pass them by with - on foot, in car, in cab, or on bus.

my favourite magical trees are these two trees outside sheng shiong at geylang serai, which i always look out for every ramadan season when they start putting the colourful lights up in the trees but this year there were no more lights up in my magical trees. i was quite sad. i actually once drove there at 11pm one year with tripod, cameras and films in the boot, just to shoot the trees. the pictures from that shoot were admittedly and regrettably not great lah, they are in an album in one of my blue and purple set of drawers, but it was something i just had to do.

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