Friday 19 February 2010

来啊来啊: Chennai Chutney

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dear family and friends + other secret readers again,

some of my works from a workshop trip i was involved in last december will be part of an exhibition called Chennai Chutney that is opening

this tuesday 23rd feb 2010, 7.30pm to 9.30pm at Objectifs (56A Arab Street).

as part of the workshop process, our instructor had a fair bit of control over what was finally selected from the pool of images we gathered over those 5 days in Chennai and Mahabalipuram so you might find that it’s a little different from what i would usually put together for a final selection but i am really also learning to learn from how others see and work with my pictures.

the pictures were selected in a manner that should tell you not only about Chennai but also clue you in on the personality and vision of each of the 8 photographers.

please drop by if you can, have a look and learn along with me!

do let me know if you are coming for the opening so that we can be well-stocked with enough food and drinks for you. :]

thanks and i hope to see you this tuesday!

yan wei

* * *

You are invited to Chennai Chutney!

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There is no Taj Mahal or Bollywood to capture the imagination of the would-be tourist to Chennai. In fact, one may at first glance conclude that Chennai is rather like chutney - a spicy vegetarian preparation that is merely an accompaniment to the main courses that are Agra and Mumbai. Looking beyond, however, the visitor is allowed the rare opportunity, amidst an intensely media-opinionated culture, to experience the city from a fresh perspective – his/her own.

Chennai Chutney features images by participants of the workshop led by US-based photo-essayist David H Wells. The photographers - Birgit Voogt, Eleanor Ng, Karen and Laurie Murrell, Duff Hughes, Ulla Gratton, Chia Yan Wei and Su Yen Chen – hailing from 6 different countries of origin and located across three continents - nevertheless blended incredibly well together in five days in December 2009.

From admiring ancient temples to ducking for cover from the unexpected heavy rains, the group got an unforgettable taste of the diverse flavours of daily life in Tamil Nadu state’s capital. It is hoped that the images in this exhibition likewise capture the spirit and soul of this sometimes sour, sometimes sweet, but always spicy city.

Photographers: Birgit Voogt, Eleanor Ng, Karen and Laurie Murrell, Duff Hughes, Ulla Gratton, Chia Yan Wei and Su Yen Chen

Opening reception: 23rd Feb 2010, 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Exhibition will run from 24th Feb – 23rd March 2010
Opening hours: Mon - Fri 11am - 7pm, Sat 12pm - 6pm

56A Arab Street
Singapore 199573
t. +65 6293 9782
f. +65 6293 9723

For directions to Objectifs:

We hope to see you then!

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