Sunday 6 April 2008

kitchen stories // 12th august 2007 + 29th march 2008.


this is one of the first things i remembered seeing after getting home from being away in sweden for six months last year. i wanted to get a cup of water from the kitchen but was startled by this weird waving panda instead. my auntie had cut him out from a magazine and stuck him there to stop people from accidentally banging their heads against the sharp corner of a metal rack..


my auntie also has a practice of wrapping up all the vegetables and whateverthings in brown paper to supposedly help them keep better in the fridge. and she has this cool habit of sticking a leaf or some small characteristic part of the vegetable or whateverthing on the outside of the brown package so that she knows what is inside without having to unwrap to have a look. on one of my many late nights staying awake, i opened the fridge to check it out as part of my night time routine and was shocked to find these papers stuck outside two of the packages. i was like "wah!! aeroplanes!!" haha and then, "hrmm rocket lettuce??" and haha as i type now my auntie is scarily coincidentally unwrapping those two packages in front of me..and hrmm damn, no toy planes for me and not rocket lettuce either...just some regular cabbage or cabbage cousins.


on the same night/early morning, i leaned against the stove drinking my cup of water and was zoning out when i found myself staring at the floor, specifically staring at my old swimsuit from more than half my lifetime ago lying there on the floor. wah haha it is now the kitchen rag lor. really reduce reuse and recycle siah...though my inner designer quietly doubted the absorbency of an old swimsuit.

* * *

hrmm and kitchen stories is also one of my favourite little movies. i caught it at the film fest here some years back. it was a norwegian film about swedish researchers observing norwegian men in their kitchens so as to optimise their kitchen usage or something like that. and currently i forsee myself spending many late nights getting water and food in my kitchen really soon since our thesis is due at month's end. the calm has ended, let the storm begin!!! God be with us all no matter how things turn out. all the best!!


  1. LOL.. your bathing suit is hilarious!

  2. gosh.. y m i touring ppl's blogs at this time!

  3. haha i check on my own blog sometimes too to check out what's going on in my life. haha a strange habit but yes.