Saturday 3 May 2008

time to reset my room // photos from february and march 2008.

oke now that 4 years of school is pretty much over except for gradshow which will happen at the end of the month, i finally have some real time for myself and my family and my see less often but still love as much friends.

but first, i need to reset my room, back to the roomwithaview ikeacataloguesque glory it can be found in after a good packing session (usually around chinese new year) because my room is a place where i can......

see a stairway to heaven in a bleach accident.

be reminded to occasionally transcend reality by an oldschool old school exit sign.

find relief in my very limited floor space.

jolt memories with things i don't use so much now but still keep.
(muji slippers from koala for sweden and pseudo japanese blue and white ah mah slippers from the market.)

and thrive in some sort of (regularly but rarely) organised chaos.

hrmm come by sometime, i think we can fit about 2 humans and 10 beers in here comfortably haha.

oke oke no more beer, 10 ....... cups of good tea or whatever other goodstuffneverbluff lah.

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  1. yan wei! haha i realise i've never actually been to your "new" place!