Wednesday 4 June 2008

the remains of the may

oke here's a quickpick of the events i have been caught up with.... i really need to stop filling up my weeks with nonstop days but then again i am glad that i.....

....shot portraits of my classmates for our gradshow and gradbook. i think these were the more tame shots, haha to see more power ones please go get a copy of our gradbook or well, ask me lah. heh. and i also put together this contact sheet as a farewell thingy for our power thesis tutor who went back home to finland a few weeks back.

.........caught a concert that i have been waiting for for the longest time haha. suffice to say, he is one of my favourites.


............performed with our friends in the lindy hop club in school at the university cultural centre. it was a blast! thanks to all who came down to support us in our little two minute debut haha. and yeah also realised i should probably start learning to differentiate eye shadow from wood dust after feeling totally lost backstage during make-up time...

.....................and survived our grad show at Central. yeah we sleepover in studio, we also sleepover at our own shows. must jagah our stuff overnight marh.. and sorry that i didn't do my invitations for this very thoroughly cos i was just stuck in nonstop days the past month....i promise that all of you will get proper invites in advance for the next show i am involved in, whatever wherever it'll be when it does happen!

and somewhere amidst all the madness above we also managed to run the sundown marathon...oke so we ran the team challenge which was just 10.5km each lah but still it was quite a feat considering we hadn't run such lengths for a long time. running at night was a lot easier as compared to the realrun we ran in the morning at sentosa two years back though so heh maybe we'll go for the marathon next year..but that'll definitely need a lot of real training....

so thank God for the past month, the past years, the many moments and the life ahead and beyond that wouldn't happen at all without Him!

i will be doing some goingaways in june/july. this time not far, but away. first to a church camp in awana genting from the 9th to the 13th and then to taiwan with the IDiots tentatively from the 23rd to the 11th. so catch me if/while you can!

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